Facial Aesthetics

Treatment for Lines and Wrinkles

Treatment for lines and wrinkles have been used for over 25 years and are very safe. It is injected directly into facial muscles in very tiny amounts during the treatment. This makes the muscle less active and therefore softens and smoothes the appearance of persistent lines and wrinkles. The amount of treatment required will be discussed with you and it will usually last for 3+ months. It is very rare for this procedure to be painful.

Dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are a substance that naturally exists in your body and are designed to effectively contour and create volume, revitalize the skin, and reduce the appearance of unwanted wrinkles.

Dermal filler products restore and maintain the skin's hydro-balance — which improves the elasticity and texture of the skin — providing a natural volume to smooth away the appearance of lines and wrinkles, enhance facial shape, and create fuller lips.

The treatment is quick and convenient (typically taking between 15 to 30 minutes, with results normally experienced instantly), and won't affect facial expressions.

Dermal filler products are biodegradable — which means they will naturally break down and disappear. For optimal and long lasting results, a top-up treatment is recommended 6+ months after your initial treatment.

Further Information

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