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Fees - Payment Plans

How the plan works

You are entitled to two full check ups a year. At each examination appointment your dental treatment co-ordinator will welcome you to the practice and discuss with you your satisfaction with the appearance of your teeth and smile.

Following this you will see Dr Gaitonde for a thorough consultation which will include our 7 Point Dental Health Check of

  1. Your lymph glands.
  2. An assessment of your jaw alignment
  3. The condition of your teeth.
  4. The condition of existing fillings/crowns.
  5. Screening for oral cancer.
  6. A full assessment of the condition of your gums.
  7. Time for discussion about your dental concerns, and any future treatment you may be interested in, including cosmetic.

Included in your monthly fee are two visits a year with the practice hygienist. At this appointment you will receive,

You should attend ALL appointments in time to gain the maximum benefit from the plan.

Please see Terms & Conditions.

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