Treatments - Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening using professional and at-home gels has proven to be a highly effective, non-damaging way to improve the appearance of your smile. The treatment involves a full assessment that will warn of any likely problems before proceeding to whiten the teeth. In general, no major precautions need be taken, although it is wise to avoid heavy staining foods, such as curries, red wines, black coffee, and smoking during the treatment.

It is important to understand that the effects of any whitening technique are not permanent, and all require periodic 'topping up' to maintain the desired results. The amount of 'topping up' required depends on the amount of initial shade change. Patients who begin with very dark teeth will need to work harder to maintain any improvements, but on average, most patients use one to two syringes, once or twice a year.

At Smiles, we are an accredited Enlighten Whitening System user which delivers an excellent and predictable result, alongside other systems suitable for other individual needs.